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      • TYLBM CO.,LTD

      About TYLBM

      TYLBM since the introduction of High-Tech from Europe developed a full range of sound-absorbing, cushioning, slip-resistant, protective rubber material. For indoor and outdoor sports flooring uses it.
      TYLBM not only has the brand but also combined with TOPLUS products Acrylic, PU and Epoxy paint to react the rapid demand in the market. TYLBM Products line through ISO 9001:2000 strictly. We can ensure all the products meet international standards. TYLBM always proactively takes participation in the domestic and international exhibit also promote the company's image and product integrity.
      We will continue to run Innovative,Server,High quality,and Environmental protection through our whole enterprise. We provide best rubber flooring products all over the world.
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      No.599-13 Xinsheng Rd, Luzhu Township, Taoyuan County 338, Taiwan R.O.C.
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